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How To Set up Stripe Payment API Key for your App

How To Set up Stripe Payment API Key for your App

To Set up Stripe Payment API Key, create and verify your account at


and once Stripe validates your business account, you will be able to get your API keys: Be informed that you will have to wait until your account is verified to use Stripes API Key.

Following features require a stripes API Key if you wish to use Stripe as means of payment.

  • Commerce Feature
  • CommercePro Feature
  • Market Place Feature
  • E-Wallet Feature

To get API keys for Stripes, please follow the guide below

Click on API on the left menu:

Set up Stripe Payment API Key


and in API settings, use “the live API keys”:

Set up Stripe Payment API Key

Now you can log in to our platform App Editor and paste this link where the stripe API Key is Required.

For the COMMERCE FEATURE & COMMERCE PRO FEATURE, see the image below:
Add any of these features to your app, then click the plus (+) button.

It will take you to the page below, scroll to the Activation form area, check the CREDIT CARD Online payment option, and then enter your Stripe API Keys accordingly.




At the left-hand side menu of your editor, click on Payment Gateways,
%Swiftspeed Appcreator%App Maker


Select Stripes from the drop-down and fill in your Stripes Publishable Key and Secret Keys


Viola, You are Done.

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