Swiftspeed Appcreator Pricing



Create Only 1 app
Basic Features (See List)
Basic Template Design (See List)
APK/AAB Access
Lifetime Updates No Push Notification
No Support
Android Only
100G Bandwidth Monthly

Business plan (MOST POPULAR)

£10 pricing Per month

All Features on Free Plan Advanced Features (See List) Advanced Template Design (See List)
Free Games Source Code Push Notification Standard Support (2 Business Days Replies)
Monetize your App with Admob, FB, and StartIO ——- 2 Apps on Yearly Subscription – 1 App on Monthly
APK/AAB Download IPA and iOS Source Download Android and iOS Publishing Available Advanced Statistics
2G Space
1TB Bandwidth Monthly



Create up to 10 Apps/Subscription
All Features/Templates on Business Plan
Build your own App Maker platform
Unlimited Push Notifications
Advanced Statistics
Access to all features and upcoming updates
Create a Social Network App
Make Ride or Taxi Apps
Priority Support ( Under 30min) App Web and PWA Version Available IPA and iOS Source Download
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwith

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