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Discover the Power of a Free App Maker with Swiftspeed! Unleash your creativity and build stunning Android and iOS apps effortlessly. Take a product tour to explore the full range of our no-code app maker capabilities. From beginners to pros, Swiftspeed Appcreator has something for everyone.

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Unlock Your App’s Full Potential with minimal effort using our free App Maker. Create, download and distribute your dream Android and iOS App in a fraction of the time and cost.

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Create an App for iPhone with Swiftspeed

With over 500 million iPhones in use worldwide, the potential reach for your app is enormous. Swiftspeed Appcreator is your gateway to this vast audience, offering a Free App Maker tool that requires zero coding skills. Even if you’re a complete beginner in the realm of app development, our platform is designed to guide you every step of the way.

What sets us apart? For starters, you can directly upload your app to the Apple iTunes App Store, bypassing the usual red tape. Your app will be native, meaning it’s not just a web view but is fully integrated into the device for a smoother user experience. And don’t worry about internet connectivity; your app works offline too, as all the data is loaded locally on the device.

Best of all, Swiftspeed Appcreator is a web-based solution. This means you’re not restricted to creating your app on an iPhone; any device with internet access will do.

Integrate push notifications with our app builder

Make an App For Android With Swiftspeed

Android is everywhere! In fact, almost all smartphones in the world are controlled by that little green robot. Recent statistics show that 80% of smartphone users in the world currently use an Android smartphone. Imagine the possibilities if you could develop an app for such a massive audience, and even better, without needing to hire a professional Android developer for that.

App Builder, Free App Maker – Swiftspeed Appcreator

The Swiftspeed Appcreator is a DIY [Do it yourself] app development tool that lets you create your own Android apps and easily features such as photos, videos, social feeds, maps, and more. Concerned about reaching an audience? With Swiftspeed Appcreator, you can upload your app to the Google Play store without hassles. Start building your Android App Now (it only takes a few minutes)! See Features to know examples of apps you can build with us.

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Build Business Pages from Scratch

Static content like ‘About Us,’ ‘Privacy Policy,’ and ‘Contact’ serve as individual pages within your app. Use our App Maker to create these pages, simplifying navigation and enhancing the user experience.

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App Maker tool to Accelerate Your Business

From local stores to multinational chains, our app maker is designed for every business. Whether you’re an on-demand delivery platform or a service provider, create an app that fits your needs. Go live with premium Android and iOS apps, all without coding, thanks to our AI App Builder.

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e-commerce app maker

Make an E-commerce app to sell any product.

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website to app generator

Make an app for your website in minutes.

e-commerce App maker
Music and radio app maker

Create an app for your music label & Radio

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Build an app for your real estate company

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Restaurant app builder

Create a mobile app for your restaurant


Build a mobile app for e-learning

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NO CODE fitness app BUILDER

Make a fitness tracker app without coding

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Build an app to access your clients effortlessly

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Analytics Insight

Track app downloads and usage data to make data-driven business decisions.

Monetize Your App

Monetize your apps effortlessly by integrating with leading global advertising networks.

Auto-Publish Apps

Automatically submit your apps to Google Play & Apple App Store, reducing manual effort.

Real-Time Sync

Convert your website to an app and sync all your data in real time, ensuring a smooth transition.

Send Push Notifications

Send unlimited push notifications to maintain user engagement and keep your audience updated.

Add Team For Collaboration

Invite team members to collaborate on your app project, assigning specific roles for streamlined development.

Convert web to apk

Web to APK & IPA Made Easy

Convert your website into APK and IPA formats effortlessly. Use simple point-and-click features to generate your app builds and launch them on app stores.

Build Android apps

Strategically designed to meet all Google Play Store guidelines, our free Android app maker effortlessly generates both APK and AAB versions. Create an app, click to generate the build, and you’re ready to publish on the Play Store.

Build iOS apps

Publishing apps on iOS apps can be complex, but not with our free iOS app maker. Create builds compliant with App Store guidelines and go live with just a few clicks. Generate essential certificates and push new app versions effortlessly.

Our app builder Empowers Agencies.

At Swiftspeed Appcreator, we understand the unique challenges agencies face in delivering high-quality app development projects on time. That’s why we’ve designed our app maker platform to be the ultimate solution for agencies looking to build an app to streamline their workflow or as a business. Create mobile apps for all your clients without the need for coding.

Make an app with Swiftspeed Appcreator

Create premium apps without writing a single line of code, thanks to our user-friendly app builder. Build an app for your website or business with ease.