Turn Your Facebook Page into an App for Android, iOS, Web, and PWA—No Coding Required

Why limit yourself to just an Android app when you can expand your reach? With SwiftSpeed, you can effortlessly turn your Facebook Page into not just an Android app but also an iOS, Web, and PWA app—all in less than a minute.

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Turn Your Facebook Page Into An App For Android, IOS, Web, And PWA

Simply copy-paste your Facebook Page link into our platform, and voila! You’ve got yourself a multi-platform app without writing a single line of code.

Create an app for all platform

Turn your Facebook Page into an app for Android, iOS, Web, and PWA without any cost. No coding is needed, and no fees for downloading your app files.

Quick & Hassle-Free App Creation

Convert your Facebook Page into a multi-platform app in just a minute. Paste your Facebook link, name your app, and upload an icon. We do the rest.

Publish Your App on app stores

Your app is immediately ready for publication on Google Play, Apple App Store, and other platforms. No coding, payment, waiting or fee required

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Turn Your Facebook Page into a Feature-Rich App

One-Click Access to Turn Your Facebook Page into an App: your app acts as a direct portal to your Facebook Page, putting users just a tap away from your content.

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Turn Your Facebook Page into an app in five easy steps

Transform your Facebook Page into a multi-platform app in 5 easy steps:

In the first place, our company does not specialize in Android only; we are proficient in all kinds of app development. If you wish to penetrate the Google Play market, offer a cross-platform service, or simply seek global access—Swiftspeed is what you need. This is the main reason why our site is user-friendly, and you don’t need to be a coding expert to get started. Just a few clicks and you could make your Facebook page into an App..

We appreciate that your Facebook Page stands for more than just a mere social media presence; it represents a virtual community platform. So, we have an app that provides more than just “a direct link to your Facebook Page.” We offer a range of features that you will use in your interaction with your audience and make that interaction so much more meaningful. You will get notifications pushing going to keep your community updated with the latest news and options for monetizing that app will turn it into a profitable business. We offer a broad set of features that have more than what you can imagine.

Swiftspeed is not just about speed but the efficacy as well. We perfectly realize that you would never prefer to be in the queue while our product is in the development stage. Our platform, which is designed for rapid app delivery, can develop and deploy your multi-platform app in less than a minute. Yes, what you just read is the fact that 60 seconds is the time needed to give your Facebook page a complete feature on several platforms.

Parting from the rest, we don’t just deliver services; we collaborate on your success. Our technical support staff is always available to assist you as needed, from the first stage of the process to app store submission and further on. Moreover, it allows scaling along with the growth of community, hence, the app will also scale accordingly.

Then, how about choosing the best, instead of settling for the rest? Use Swiftpage to make your Facebook page a multi-platform app, and you will create a world of opportunities.

Create Your Own App with Swiftspeed App Maker

Whether you are struggling to come up with a great idea for an app or need help building a unique app, the following guide will help you create an app that stands out. No need to search any further – just choose Swiftspeed App Maker. Our user-friendly platform, which doesn’t require you to be a tech wizard, is the key to making your dreams of app development come true. No need to spend a fortune on coding and operating systems. The app can be created within a few clicks, and it will work on both Android and iOS.

Swiftspeed is the latest no-code solution which comes with a range of features such as eCommerce integration, multimedia, form builder functionalities, to name a few. What sets us apart? It’s our customer service and budget-friendly plans that set us apart as a small business, which ensures success and makes us the number one choice for businesses aiming at the skies.

How to Create an App: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start with Your Brand: Begin the process by signing up on our website and entering your company name, which also would be your app’s name.
  2. Pick Your Niche: Identify whether your app is a service, social, entertainment, or other. This will be useful in customizing the systems features and the functions.
  3. Colour Me Right: Choosing a color palette which matches your brand’s identity is essential. Consistency is key!
  4. Platform Choice: Prepare to deploy the app either on Android or iOS. If your audience doesn’t like it, you will definitely hate it too! This choice should reflect your target audience’s choices and not yours.
  5. Test Drive: Next, install the app on the selected device and then test it.
  6. Iterate: Return to the whiteboard and rearrange the app until it’s exactly how you want it to be.

And voila! You’ve just answered the burning question: “What you need to do to create an app?” But, move further, and explore the nitty-gritty to make your app absolutely stand out.

We’ve just sipped into the cup of what you can make with the Swiftspeed App Maker. An app making process is an 11-step journey and every step of it is crucial.So why wait? Start creating your app today and let your business stand way above the competition!

Turn Your Boring Facebook Page into a Multi-platform Application with Swiftspeed. Why you have to be confined to the operating system just given Android when you can go beyond it? If you are keen on revolutionizing your Facebook page (whether personal or business) and generate a native app for Android, iOS, Web App, or even a PWA with Swiftspeed, you have them all in one place. Publish your creative work easily to your audience, and make a quick button for your community to find your latest news, media, special offers, and more.

Facebook Page App, which can be created and launched in one minute, with no coding requirements.

Convert web to apk

Web to APK & IPA Made Easy

Convert your website into APK and IPA formats effortlessly. Use simple point-and-click features to generate your app builds and launch them on app stores.

Build Android apps

Strategically designed to meet all Google Play Store guidelines, our free Android app maker effortlessly generates both APK and AAB versions. Create an app, click to generate the build, and you’re ready to publish on the Play Store.

Build iOS apps

Publishing apps on iOS apps can be complex, but not with our free iOS app maker. Create builds compliant with App Store guidelines and go live with just a few clicks. Generate essential certificates and push new app versions effortlessly.

Swiftspeed: The All-in-One Facebook App Creator


The reason that you should not only concentrate on Android but also expand to other platforms, as well, is that you can run your app on several platforms at once. SwiftSpeed provides a solution with full version that allows you to create an app for Android, iOS, Web and even PWA for your Facebook page.

We are not confined to Android development alone but offer a wide range of approaches through our platform. And the best part? Coding proficiency is not a necessity. We make the process really easy by providing various solutions that can be customized to your business needs right from the template.

Time is of the Essence: Construct an App in Real-Time


We know how crucial the time is for you, and thus, we can guarantee that you will get your money back. Our site is especially constructed for enhanced speed and a user-friendly interface. You only have to add your Facebook Page link, give your app a name, and upload a logo for it. No matter the platform, your fully working app will be ready for it after just a few minutes. No sophisticated programming, no hassle, just a very clear path to follow, which will have you set up and operational like a flash.

Monetization: Your App for It, Your Revenue Stream.


Why should you just be happy with simple ad revenue when you can deviate from the one income source? Lightning enables you to add in-app purchases and subscriptions and even embed your own e-commerce store within the app. This presents you with many sources of revenue, which, in turn, makes your app a profitable venture rather than something you do just for fun.

Engagement: Don’t Forget to Create an Addictive Experience


In-app engagement is considered one of the primary factors that influence an app’s success. We are the most updated with an advanced push notification system that ensures your community is always in the know. Your clients subscribe to your posts, special offers or breaking news and they instantly get notified by the app, so they will remain engaged and conversion will be high.


Why limit yourself to Android when you can conquer multiple platforms? Swiftspeed offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to turn your Facebook Page into an app for Android, iOS, Web, and even PWA.

Unlike other platforms that only focus on Android, we offer a multi-faceted approach. And the best part? You don’t need any coding skills. We provide a wide range of ready-to-use templates that cater to various business needs, making the app development process a breeze.


Do I Anyway Need To Code?
Absolutely not. Swiftspeed provides all the technical needs of your business on your side, so you can solely concentrate on the core operation of your business.

Should My Facebook Page Still Be Public, or Can I Make It Private?
Indeed, for a good outcome and large reach-out, make certain your Facebook public Page.

Is It Really Free?
Of course, the features that are provided for free are the basis. Also, we do that and provide premium features to those who want to progress to the next level.

Questions on whether or not the app can be edited after creation come next.
Of course! The dashboard we built is both simple and flexible, giving you the ability to make changes to your app at any stage, which gives you full control over it.

Many of the current online platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, often offer a limited number of applications.
The sky’s the limit. Swiftspeed enables users to build an unlimited number of apps for Facebook pages and other platforms such as websites, blogs, etc.

Why Choose Swiftspeed?
Because we are not only another so-called app developers. We provide an all-inclusive, multi-platform system that can proffer all you need to create, monetize, and keep your users engaged.

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Create premium apps without writing a single line of code, thanks to our user-friendly app builder. Build an app for your website or business with ease.